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Current Energy: 2008 Holiday Website Adjustments

December 02, 2008

Current Energy provides energy-efficiency solutions to both residential and commercial customers designed to maximize energy cost savings while minimizing capital investment. Current Energy has a consumer-facing retail presence with two Current Energy Stores – one located in the fashionable Knox-Henderson shopping district of Dallas, Texas, and the other in Dallas's upscale Northpark Center mall.

With the holiday season approaching, Current Energy wanted to inject a bit of holiday fun into their website.

As part of our overall holiday strategy for Current Energy, Farstar had created a graphical look for their billboards, retail signage, product catalog, print ads. Our goal was to incorporate this Yuletide fun into their website without significantly changing the site's code or the user experience.

Strategies & Tactics:
Farstar designed a few subtle additions to make the holidays a little more bright. The strategies and tactics on this one are pretty straightforward, so we'll spare you the details.

The client has received numerous compliments on the subtle changes; which, of course, put a little extra jingle in our bells, too.

The home page was updated with a few details, which we'll focus on below:

The green arrow points out the Santa and his reindeer we added above the navigation bar:

The two green arrows below are pointing out the Santa's cap and the snow on top of the logotype:

The green arrows below point out the special "Holiday Gift Tag" we added (as well as a snowflake):

The "CE Report" tower had holiday lights added to it, and the site grew icicles on the bottom: